Tomorrow’s Tools Today: Takeaways from Tech Week

May is technology’s banner month. With the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few months in the rearview, innovators come out in droves in May ready to forge connections, present product innovations, make strides toward the market, and of course scope out the latest in the ever-evolving tech marketplace. 

HandsFree Health is no exception.TechDay New York, Microsoft Build, and Philly Tech Week provided back-to-back opportunities to introduce the tech world to our elevated tech solution for health and wellness: WellBe. We connected, we presented, we fielded interest, and we noticed a few exciting ripples on the big, blue tech sea: 

Voice-activated WellBe is proof that tech can speak to users of all ages (literally!). Good news: Many of this year’s players and products underscore that same reality, as did the events’overall vibe. 

No longer aimed squarely at the younger market segment, today’s technology scene is everyone-facing. We were especiallyencouraged to see one of our primary audience segments, the Baby Boomers, being celebrated as a sought-after market. Boomers have always prioritized health and independence, and it’s about time the tech industry caught up!

We also noticed technology pushing past entertainment to offer robust, life-enhancing solutions (which, let’s can be honest, can sometimes feel just as fun). Having been in the field for twenty years, I find this shift particularly overdue and particularly promising. I’ve always endorsed tech’s ability to do more than fill free time and incite awe. The maturity that’s finally arriving on the scene is going to help all of usfor decades to come – mark my words. It’s also 100% in step with the ethos and the benefits of voice-activated WellBe by HandsFree Health.